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At TLP Recruitment we believe that training and development is critical to the success of our business. The transport and logistics industry is heavily regulated and we appreciate how difficult it can be for everyone to keep up to speed with the ever changing legislation. We believe very strongly that we have a responsibility to protect our customers and provide candidates that are properly equipped to meet both the legal, procedural and customer service requirements of our clients.

To ensure we have a comprehensive and effective driver development programme, we have joined forces with Direct Driver Training, a fully accredited training organisation with a national presence all of whose courses have been accredited by the Royal Society of the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).

Available courses include:

  •  License Upgrades

This course is available after probation and by consultation with the local branches only. Training courses are organised and delivered through local training providers and financial support is to provided by TLP (terms and conditions apply). 

  •  Specialist Courses (ADR, Hi-Ab and FLT)

Our Specialists courses are also available after a probation period and by consultation with the local branches only. Training courses are organised and delivered through local training providers and financial support is to provided by TLP (terms and conditions apply). 

  •  Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving

This course examines the risks to which each driver is exposed on a daily basis. It examines
factors that contribute to collisions both on and off the road highlighting the central role of
human behaviour and introduces the concept of defensive driving, exploring the benefits of driving in a way to anticipate and compensate for approaching hazards. The system of vehicle control is outlined and applied in worked examples. At the end of the session there is a short quiz on driver knowledge. The course will count toward your 5 yearly DCPC training  requirement and be charged at £73.75 subject to availability

  •  EU Drivers’ Hours

The EU Drivers' Hours gives an overview of current legislation, requirements and exemptions set out in the European Rules, GB Domestic Rules and the Working Time Directive. It then examines the correct use of a digital tachograph through worked examples and exercises in manual entry. Advice will be given on tachograph checks and their use in mixed operation. The course will count toward your 5 yearly DCPC training requirement and be charged at £73.75 subject to availability.

  •  Driver Assessor Training

This is a three-day course designed for pre-employment assessment. The training course includes is specialised for cars, vans and LGV up to 44 tones and it is available anywhere in the UK or Ireland. 
During these three days, you will gain an understanding of the characteristics of a vehicle, the systems of vehicle control, rules for braking and overtaking, as well as motorway driving. 
The second day involves a full day of instruction where you are going to test your knowledge in different scenarios. Last day includes a full day of assessment where your skills will be put to test in a real situation covering all aspects of the role from meeting and greeting through to post-assessment debrief.  This will be followed by a RoSPA Advanced test, which could be either a mock advanced test or the real test depending on the assessors’ level of readiness, plus feedback and recommendations for further personal development.  

  •  Drivers CPC

    The Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) is for drivers of passenger-carrying vehicles (PCV) and drivers of large goods vehicles (LGV) who drive professionally throughout the UK and the rest of Europe. It is a legal requirement that involves all professional drivers undertaking 35 hours of Periodic Training every 5 years. Qualification is by attendance so there are no tests or exams to take at the end of the course. The main aim behind the Driver CPC is to improve road safety; provide better-qualified drivers who are up to date with current legislation and to help reduce road casualties. Courses are arranged in modules lasting 3 ½ hours with two being held on the same day. It is a legal requirement that drivers are present for the whole seven hours so it is important you arrive well before the scheduled start time.


Drivers not having a Driver Qualification Card (DQC) could be fined £1000 if they continue to drive on company business. It is very important that all of our drivers have completed their CPC driver training. 

We offer a range of modules that can improve your level of skills and knowledge. Please contact your local branch to discuss the right CPC training options for you and the benefits of sourcing your training through us.

CPC Training