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No matter the industry, skilled workers are always required to fulfil roles in manufacturing in both permanent and contract vacancies. From food to pharmaceuticals, automotive to textiles, this industry is one of the most variable out there. TLP aims to match the perfect candidate to the role, so if the job you are looking for isn’t below, do contact us.

Latest Jobs in Manufacturing

Production Assistant
Usually entry-level roles that focus on technical and administrative tasks to assist the production process. 

Quality Control
These jobs are purely focused on ensuring that everything that is produced is on spec and to the right standard. 

Packaging Technologist
Creating, designing, and developing innovative packaging options for products. 

Manufacturing/Production Supervisor/Manager
Roles such as this will be responsible for overseeing the whole manufacturing process and ensuring that it is completed accurately and safely. 

Entry-level roles will usually start in the region of £18,000-£30,000 dependent on the industry and skills required. These can be lower if the job is part of an apprenticeship or a trainee role. From there, salaries increase with the responsibility level and some can reach over £100,000. 

Trainee programs and apprenticeships offer a great opportunity to get into the industry as they are usually run by companies in the industry themselves. From here you can work your way up. Other roles you can directly apply for if you have similar skills from other industries. 

Brexit has been a key challenge to the industry in recent times. Changes to customs procedures and the paperwork required has caused huge hold-ups at the border. Uncertainty over the volume of imports and exports to the EU also casts concern over the future of manufacturing. 

There is also the rising impact of technology. The reliance on advances in technology can streamline production processes and potentially impact the amount of jobs that are needed, however there are also cost implications for adopting such technology and supervisory positions needed. 

Meet our Manufacturing Recruitment Team

Our manufacturing recruitment team are experts within the industry and are committed to finding the right candidate for the role to encourage long-term relationships and career progression. Contact them today if you are looking for manufacturing jobs. 

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