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Industrial jobs are crucial to the manufacturing industry in the UK. Production assembly, warehouse operatives, pickers and packers - they are all vital in the smooth running of the industry. We work hard to ensure there is a match for both the candidate and the employer to secure long-term outcomes. 

Advice and Career Support

At TLP, we feel strongly that representing you is a privilege and we work hard to make sure your next career move is a success, supporting you every step of the way.  We also understand that changing jobs is often a tough decision to take and that the process can be stressful – we’re here to help with that.

Here are just some of the areas we can help you with and offer advice on:

Warehouse & Forklift Operative Training Opportunities

We have partnered with training provider, System Group, to offer fully funded training courses to businesses throughout the UK.

If you’re interested in offering a warehouse operative course in your business, or if you’d like to find out more about our forklift licence and training opportunities, click here for more information.

Latest Jobs in Industrial

The industrial sector covers a large range of roles that are vital to the manufacturing of products throughout the UK. Areas that this industry covers include automotive, aerospace, brewing, food, textiles, electronics, and many more. 

Within this there are any number of roles that could be suited to you, but some of these include: 

Industrial Operative
These roles will usually include moving things around the site and will often require the use and maintenance of heavy machinery. 

Warehouse Picker
It takes a huge effort to get deliveries ready to go and many warehouses will need willing staff to be able to correctly locate the items for delivery and transport them to the vehicles. 

Food Production Assistant
Sites that manufacture food products will often require support roles that may be involved in the production of the food or they may be involved in the transport and safe operation of the site. 

Production Assembly
Roles such as these are vital to the end product. They are usually responsible for the maintenance, assembly, or repair of component items. Attention to detail, excellent work ethic and ability to keep workspaces clean and tidy are all important skills for these roles. 

Industrial Production Manager
These roles will often oversee a whole site and be responsible for all parts of the operation from beginning to end. 

Due to the huge range of jobs within this sector there is also a huge range of typical hours. However, this does mean it’s a great career if you want to have a choice over your work pattern. Many jobs will require shift work due to the constant demands of specific businesses, but others will have more standard office hours. 

There is a high demand for industrial workers and jobs are needed all over the UK. There is a concentration in the North and the Midlands due to the higher volume of factories in those areas. 

In most cases, the easiest way in is to start on the floor of the warehouse as a warehouse operative picking and packing. You will normally not need prior qualifications. From here you can get a good understanding of how warehouses work and aim to move up within the same company or apply for roles at other companies. 

In general, you’ll need to be comfortable engaging with people with all different levels of experience and seniority, be very comfortable with numbers, and depending on the job, be open to shift work. For more senior positions companies will be looking for experience and industry knowledge.

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