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Zoe Houghton
11 months ago by Zoe Houghton

Video Interview Tips: How To Prepare for a Great Job Interview

Video Interview Tips

​With the increase in remote working, video calls have become the go-to method for conducting job interviews. Even in sectors where working from home isn’t always possible, video interviews are becoming the norm, and that doesn’t seem to be changing any time soon.

To help give you the best chance at landing a new job, here are some of our top tips for a successful video interview.

What to wear for a video interview

When you get dressed for your video call, you want to dress professionally, and equally as formally as you would for an in-person interview.

An interview is your chance to make a great first impression, show your enthusiasm and suitability for the role, so try to resist the temptation to dress too casually.

How to prepare for a video interview

Check your tech

Before your interview, be sure to check what video call software the interviewer will be using. Set up a professional looking account if you don’t have one already, and familiarise yourself with how it all works.

If you will be giving a presentation or showing your previous work, practice sharing your screen to avoid any technical issues during the interview.

Some of the most popular video conferencing platforms that your interviewer may use are Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype and Google Meet.

Find a distraction-free location

Be sure to plan where in your home you will be for your interview.

Find a suitable location, with as few distractions as possible. You want the interviewer to focus on you, not the room around you, so choose a space with a neutral background, away from any loud noises.

Consider the lighting - you want to make sure the space is well lit so that you can be seen clearly. Avoid sitting with a window or any bright lights behind you, ideally there will be a light source in front of you.

How to prepare for the interview

When preparing for a video interview, remember to treat it just as you would an in-person meeting. Whether you haven’t got a lot of experience with interviews, or you just want to give yourself the best chance, make sure you practice your interview skills ahead of time.

Practice answering common interview questions on camera and record yourself - you can watch it back and identify anything you want to improve on (with your answers or your setup).

Do the same as you would for any other interview - research the company and the job, identify all the ways you can add value to the business, prepare answers to typical interview questions and plan some questions to ask them at the end.

Common job interview questions

While the exact questions you are asked will vary based on the role you're applying for, here are some of the typical questions you are likely to be asked:

  • Talk me through your CV / tell me about yourself

  • Why do you want the job?

  • Why are you leaving your current company?

  • What are your key strengths / weaknesses?

  • What is your expected salary?

  • Case studies: what would you do in this scenario?

  • How could you provide value to the business?

Planning your answers to these commonly asked questions will put you in a strong position for your interview and minimise any chances of panicking if you’re not sure how to answer.

You may find it useful to write down some notes to help you with your answers. Avoid writing down too much though - while it may be tempting, you don’t want to look or sound like you’re reading from a script.

Keep notes brief, in bullet point format. Use your notes as prompts, rather than writing down full answers.

Be aware of your body language

Maintaining good eye contact and being aware of your body language and facial expressions is just as important in a video interview as it is face to face.

While you can’t actually make eye contact over a video call, keeping your eyes on your screen and facing towards the camera will give the impression of eye contact, and make it clear that you are engaged in the conversation.

Watch how you sound

A common mistake when practicing for a video interview is focusing on how you look, and forgetting to think about how you sound.

It’s easy to sound unenthused over a video call, so be aware of how you come across when you talk. Speak clearly and at a reasonable pace. Make sure you sound enthusiastic, positive and engaged throughout, but don’t be afraid to pause to formulate an answer when you need to.

Treat your video interview like any other

Stay professional, yet personable - remember to be yourself and let your personality shine throughout the interview.

Ultimately, as long as you have put in the practice and are confident with your setup, if you treat a video interview like any other, you will give yourself the best chance at success.

If you’d like any further interview advice, our expert recruitment consultants are here to help.

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