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almost 3 years ago by Ellen Grove

The art of interviewing

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So you’ve secured an interview – well done! That’s the first hurdle out of the way, but no it’s time to prepare to ensure you boost your chances of success. Regardless of the type of interview you face, doing plenty of research and planning is absolutely key so that you can feel more confident going in.

Here’s some advice to consider when preparing for your next interview:

  • Ensure you have fully researched the company you are interviewing for, and try to retain some key snippets of information that you can relay to show you have done your homework.
  • Be aware of who is interviewing you and their position
  • Know your CV like the back of your hand! Make sure you are prepared to elaborate on any areas of it and be confident when talking about the decisions you have made as well as your achievements, or even failings.
  • Consider how you might explain difficult situations that have arisen in previous work / life experiences and how you dealt with them.
  • Be prepared to explain any problematic aspects of your career, such as gaps in your work history or having many jobs close together.
  • Identify the skills, interests and experiences that the organisation is looking for by looking at its website and social media channels.
  • Prepare answers to common questions, and also make sure that you have a few questions to ask your interviewer in return.
  • Research the markets/sectors the company operate in and try to familiarise yourself with current news, issues or trends affecting the organisation.
  • Plan your journey to the interview in advance and arrive 15 minutes before it is due to begin. You could even do a ‘dry-run’ so you know exactly where you are travelling to and how long it will take you.
  • On the night before your interview, it’s a good idea to prepare your outfit so it saves time in the morning.

Finally, don’t worry if you don’t get the job. You did your best! Just make sure you follow the above for your next interview or contact us for more advice!