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almost 3 years ago by Ellen Grove

Flexible Working: a win-win

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A recent study on flexible working found that:

  • 79% believe working flexibly would make them more productive
  • 81% of people believe that flexible working would make a job more attractive to them, compared to 70% in 2018
  • 35% of people would request flexible working over a pay rise

There are many benefits to flexible working, both for employees and employers, with greater control over work-life balance and looking after your health and wellbeing, along with a more diverse, happier and productive workforce. There has been a big increase in its popularity in recent years, backed up by the fact that it’s been proven that implementing flexible working practices can improve staff engagement and motivation. For many companies and staff, there is no longer the standard 9-5 Monday to Friday working week, but instead replaced by a more fluid way of working to meet the changing needs of customers and staff.  

With technology as it is these days, it is increasingly easier to work flexibly and therefore it makes little business sense for companies not to offer it. Flexible arrangements often benefit the company or organisation as much as the employee, by helping to reduce absenteeism, increase productivity and enhance employee engagement and loyalty.

Research has shown that staff can often value flexibility over other more traditional forms like remuneration, so there’s a positive financial implication for organisations to consider too.

At TLP Recruitment we recognise and embrace this and some of our team members have staggered start and finish times to suit their personal requirements. This enables us to ensure that we are catering as well as we can to the needs of our team, but also extends our opening hours and service offering to our customers; a simple benefit which helps everyone involved.

If an employer is able to offer some flexible adjustments it can help protect employees and helps ensure they are providing the best duty of care possible to support their teams. The balance between work and home life is something that can easily become difficult to manage, and stresses of long hours or personal responsibilities can negatively impact personal and professional productivity.

Of course, this is not possible in every workplace, and some companies will still reject the notion, but with so many different roles that could accommodate some sort of flexible working arrangement … compromise from the employee and the employer can often lead to an outcome that works for everyone.

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